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Portalign Drill Guide

This is a great looking drill guide for those looking to increase their portability and want to keep their work area looking like a finished product. The new portalign design makes it easier and faster to use, making it the perfect tool for small spaces.

Portalign Precision Drill Guide

General Drill Guide

Remember your drill? remember the order of operations: 1. Open the chuck. Open the bit. Open the bit guide. Press the chuck (or bit) into the opening. The chuck and bit are now ready to operate. Omit the french whack. Marks the off side of the chuck with the bit and marks the on side with the chuck. Press the chuck and bit together to close the opening. Check the operation by pressing the chuck and bit together again to close the opening. Reproduce the operation on your own drill and check the order of operations.

Portalign Precision Drill Guide

The portalign drill guide is a great tool for precision drill guides. It helps to keep your drill in check by ensuring that your drill blade is properly chiseling the track. This vintage portalign drill guide with box is a great way to keep your drill in order and in focus. The drill guide is made of durable materials that will never tarnish or lose their functionality. Plus, the portalign design ensures that you can always measure and adjust the drill with ease. This vintage portalign drill guide is made in the usa and is a great way to have all your drill bits in one place. This guide has a variety of different photos and images to help you on your drill bit by bit and underline what you're doing. This is a vintage artsman portalign drill guide. It is in great condition and has the portalign symbol on it. It is chamfered on all sides and has the portalign symbol on it. This guide has the following contents:.