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Drilled Sea Glass

Looking for a high-quality, affordablesea glass? look no further than our top-drilled suppliers for aqua blue and sea foam. From small pieces to entire pieces, we have just what you need for your next ecommerce project.

Sea Glass Beads Drilled

Hey everyone! today I'm here to share with you some sea glass beads drilled with a jigsaw puzzle in mind. these beads are so cute and perfect for a formal or formal like wedding. I love the detail in these earrings and they would be perfect for any up-schedule day. if you're looking for a fun and refreshing look in jewelry, check out my team at sea glass beads. We're always working on new products and ideas so be sure to check us out at work!

Top 10 Drilled Sea Glass

These 20 medium pieces of topdrilled aqua blue sea glass are 20 blue green sea foam pieces each. They are all 20mm in height and all 20mm in width. They are alldrilled in a checkerboard pattern and are finished with a heavy gold overlay. this is a group of 30 medium pieces of top-drilled cobalt green sea glass. Some with 1st and 2nd order of bumps and others with only a single bumpsp. All with a beautiful colorsamp. this is a 30 piece set of top drilled aqua cobalt green olive amber. Sea glass is a wonderful green color that has a bit of a olive taste to it. It is very simple, direct and at your fingertips. It has a small amount of power and a very minor heat. This is a very good water quality addition, a necessary part of any water cleanse. this piece is a great addition to your sea glass collection! The pieces are center drilled and are a medium size. There are 30 pieces in all and the color is a center drilled aqua cobalt green olive amber.