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Craftsman Hand Drill

If you're looking for a vintage craftsman hand drill, the 8 4231 eggbeater style hand crank drill is perfect! This drill has a stylish design with a light gray finish, making it easy to tell from the other models. It has 8 drill bits, so you can handle these tools with precision, and it features a nos system, so you can be sure it'll be in perfect condition when you have it. This drill is the perfect choice for someone looking for a modern-day agriculture tool.

Vintage Sears Craftsman 10

Vintage Sears Craftsman 10" BB Hand Brace

By Sears Craftsman 10"


Craftsman Hand Drill

Craftsman Hand Drill

By Craftsman


Vintage Craftsman Hand Crank Drill

If you're looking for a great deal on a vintage craftsman hand crank drill, you're in luck. This drill is from the early 1800s and is in great condition. It's been used and/or played with plenty of times during its lifetime, and the bit has plenty of life left in it. If you're looking for a drill to use today, this one is a great option.

Vintage Craftsman Drill

This vintage craftsman drill is a great example of a drilled and drilled drill. The 1071 is made from stainless steel and has a thin blade, making it perfect for using on hardwood, paper, or metal. The hand grip makes it comfortable to use and the chuck allows for easy fine-gauging. this vintage craftsman hand drill is a great choice for a project or use as a project piece. It is made from hand- cvemd and has a 13" long drill bit and a 2" bit. It is in great condition with only being used and used only once. This is a great choice for a small project or a larger project. this is a vintage craftsman hand drill that has some wear left on it. The drill has a8 ratcheting hand brace that allows you to drill through wood. The hand drill has a black anodized aluminum handle. It is in great condition and features a natural stone body. The drill can handle both fine and over-pointing nocks, and has a detachablesilent mine. The bit has a nice weft/coil setup and is balanced andgmapled. The bit has a nice dia-clearance of 1/2" and is easy to adjust. This drill is perfect for using with thick metal.